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      FCC/CE/BQB ble Nordic nRF52832 Bluetooth 4.2 module -SKB369

      Published by support@skylab.com.cn on 2019-07-30

      The SKB369 is a highly integrated Bluetooth 4.2 BLE module, designed for high data rate, short-range wireless communication in the 2.4GHz ISM band. Also, SKB369 support ANT Protocol. The module is based on Nordic nRF52832 radio Transceiver IC, has a 32 bit ARM Cortex-M4F CPU, Flash memory and analog and digital peripherals. The SKB369 provides a low power and ultra-low cost BLE solution for wireless transmission applications. The SKB369 also has a NFC-A tag interface for OOB pairing.

      Features Applications
      1.Main Chip: nRF52832
      1.Computer peripherals and I/O devices
      2.Bluetooth® 4.2 low energy single-mode protocol stack
      (1) Mouse
      (1) L2CAP, ATT, GAP, GATT and SM protocols
      (2) Keyboard
      (2) Central and Peripheral roles
      (3) Multi-touch trackpad
      (3) GATT Client and Server
      2.Interactive entertainment devices
      (4) Full SMP support including MITM and OOB pairing
      (1) Remote control
      3.Support ANT Protocol
      (2) 3D Glasses
      4.Supported data rates up to 1Mbps
      (3) Gaming controller
      5.Support NFC-A
      3.Personal Area Networks
      6.8/10/12bit ADC-6configurable channels
      (1) Health/fitness sensor and monitor devices
      7.19 General Purpose I/O pins
      (2) Medical devices
      8.SPI Master/Slave
      (3) Key-fobs + wrist watches
      9.Two-wire Master (I2C compatible)
      4.Remote control toys
      10.UART (CTS/RTS)
      11.CPU independent Programmable Peripheral Interconnect (PPI)
      6.Bluetooth Gateway
      12.Quadrature Decoder (QDEC)
      7.Indoor Location
      13.AES HW encryption
      8.Colourful LED Control
      14.RoHS Compliant

      Categories Bluetooth 4.2


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